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We believe in regenerating our native forests for environmental, economic, cultural and social well-being including creating industry, employment and training opportunities. We are talking with people in the region to ensure that the project gives back to local communities.  


A sustainable tōtara industry will bring multi-generational benefit to both land and people. Regenerating tōtara is both a vehicle, and a metaphor, for growth and resilience in Northland: “The carver brings the wood to life and the wood brings the carver to life.”

A stakeholder engagement process has been started, with the first round of interviews during May and June 2019. This process will continue during the remainder of the project to May 2020.  


The project has gifted tōtara timber for cultural and social uses.


More community projects will follow.

The project envisages a new industry that would deliver social benefit to the community.

Contact us to ask questions, let us know what you think or get involved. 

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