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Regenerating tōtara presents a unique opportunity for Northland.


The Tōtara Industry Pilot (TIP) is a two-year study to test the opportunity for a new industry based on careful management of regenerating tōtara on private land. We believe that native forestry can bring together all the potential advantages of: conservation, timber production, environmental and economic enhancement, social and cultural enrichment.


The vision of this initiative is a regional industry based on the sustainable management of the regenerating farm-tōtara resource.

We want to see tōtara valued again, as it once was by Māori.

We want to change the way landowners view this resource as something that has environmental and commercial value, something that needs to be nurtured, tended and encouraged, rather than burnt and converted to pasture.

A successful tōtara industry will see the sustainable management of existing regenerating forest and scrubland and encourage the planting of new areas, increasing the area of native forest on private land.

The Tōtara Industry Pilot initiative aligns with the values of kaitiakitanga by:

  • creating appropriate land-use options with regenerating tōtara

  • increasing well-being and benefiting local communities

  • building resilience for the future, and;

  • providing for our mokopuna - taking the long view

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