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Q 1/

What is the TIP project going to do?

This is a two-year project, starting in April 2018. It will assess the forest resource; harvest and process up to 500  of farm-tōtara logs; collect data and research results from drying studies and trials; conduct milling trials, product and market testing; and develop and analyse the business case for a regional industry.

Q 2/

Who is involved in the TŌTARA INDUSTRY PROJECT ?

Please see our Partners page

Q 3/

What about other species?

This project focusses on tōtara, but we will learn a lot about native forests as productive ecosystems on private land in the region. Success with tōtara may open up opportunities for other native species in the longer term.

In other regions, different species may have similar potential, but we are just focusing on Northland and tōtara.

Q 4/

How can I become part of this?

You can register your interest through the Contact form of this website.

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